Trish Grace Malone

I love speaking to groups about writing, feelings, and creativity! Here I am teaching kids at a local Buddhist center. The owl on the chair is named Winky.


Wise Young Owl Club- Coping Skills for Children (ages pre-school-10)


Children learn emotional skills in a creative and fun way that help them practice self-care in every aspect of life.




The Care & Feeding of Your Wild & Precious Mind- Coping for Tweens & Teens (ages 11-17)


Older kids learn emotional skills in an interactive and entertaining way that helps them navigate the increasing complexity of their world and encourages them to focus on healthy relationships with each other, technology, and themselves.




Diving For Treasure - Living the Creative Life (all ages)


Learn a simple technique for delving into the ocean of your unconscious and stay present with the objects you find there. Then learn to focus on what to bring up to the surface to use skillfully for your creations.



The Mindful Personality- Integrating Mindfulness into Everyday Life (adults)


This comprehensive and experiential approach to mindfulness draws on Psychosynthesis, Buddhist psychology, and the resources of world wisdom traditions to increase our ability to cultivate and practice mindfulness in all areas of our lives.


Selection of Current Workshops/ Visit Topics

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